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Sun, Mar 28


Port Olisar | Crusader


Grand Prize - 500,000 aUEC | First Runner Up - 300,000 aUEC | Second Runner Up - 200,000 aUEC

Registration is Closed
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Time & Rally Point

Mar 28, 2021, 7:00 PM UTC

Port Olisar | Crusader

About the event


19:00 / 7 pm UTC - Start getting ready on the Discord Server.

19:15 / 7:15pm UTC - Short pre event briefing

19:25 / 7:25pm UTC - Attendance check for the server launch

19:30 / 7:30pm UTC - Server launch

19:30-20:00 / 7:30-8pm UTC - Pre event set up

20:00 / 8pm UTC - The show begins

 Pre Race 

  1. Practice driving the Greycat Buggy PTV.
  2. Set your spawn point to Port Olisar.
  3. Bring enough food/water to survive the race.
  4. Each team loads up as many Greycat Buggy PTV’s as they can fit onto their support craft before the event.
  5. No weapons allowed in armistice and basecamp zones.


Distance: As far as you get 

Time length for the race: 1 hour 

1 race per race day.

Startline: Location is given on the race day.

Finish: Rear cargo bay of the Starfarer.

  1. Each team will be provided with at-least 1 Air security ship to protect it.
  2. The Air security ship will be following the Greycat PTV and will stay at its death location.
  3. Team support craft has to stay behind the team’s Greycat Buggy PTV.
  4. If a Greycat Buggy PTV dies then the next one has to be unloaded in a 75-meter radius of the dead PTVs location.
  5. Greycat Buggy PTV drivers are allowed to use hand weapons against other PTVs.
  6. No weapons allowed in armistice and basecamp zones.

Basecamp zone = Starfarer location at the Finish line, ODINT Cutlass REDs

  1. Disable ship weapons during the race. (Can be used against griefers.)
  2. The Startline will be disbanded when all racers are 10 km away from the start.

 Win/Loss Conditions 

Win - Drive the furthest.

Win - Be the first to drive your PTV into the Starfarer at the finish line.

Win - Be the first to walk into the Starfarer IF your PTV exploded but you decided to run to the finish.

Win - Reach the furthest distance IF your PTV exploded but you decided to run towards the finish.

Loss - Did not finish in the top 3.

Loss - All of your team’s vehicles get destroyed with no one wanting to continue on foot.

Loss - Disqualified by breaking the rules.

More information HERE.

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7/27/24, 5:00 PM

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