Sat, Nov 28 | Port Tressler | MicroTech

MSR / Starfarer / Reclaimer Tactical FPS Team Combat Event

This is an exercise in logistics. We will solidify the Oi Commerce Division as the most reliable point to point Delivery service in the Stanton system. This will allow us credibility to take on a large scale and more sensitive contracts.
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MSR / Starfarer / Reclaimer Tactical FPS Team Combat Event

Time (EST) & Rally Point

Nov 28, 2020, 9:00 PM UTC
Port Tressler | MicroTech

Operation Details

This will be a time-based FPS team event. 2 teams- Defenders & Infiltrators. 10-minute timer.

Defenders win Conditions:

- Run out the timer

- Kill all Infiltrators

Infiltrators win Conditions:

- Kill all Defenders

- Find & Escort VIP out of the ship

Rules for all participants:

-If you die you must wait for the round to end

-All weapons active

-All armor active

-VIP must wear an active Flare

**Rewards: **

- 100,000 aUEC per team for every win each round

- Grand prize of 500,000 aUEC for the best 2 out of 3 rounds (or 3 out of 5).

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Registration is Closed

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