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Sat, Sep 25


Port Olisar | Crusader


This is a timed operation in 4 separate fun & exciting phases.

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Time & Rally Point

Sep 25, 2021, 6:00 PM UTC

Port Olisar | Crusader

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Introduction - Scenario: 

The Nine Tails have been trying unsuccessfully to exert control over the Stanton System with various Station and Outpost Lock-downs.

You and your allies have received word from a trusted Data Runner that one of their agents has worked out a new plan to change their tactics that. It could very well mean the end of Stanton if they succeed. Though he currently does not have the plans he knows of a way to get them and stressed that it is imperative that this information must not get back to the Nine-Tails before Stanton Security can work out a countermeasure.

The Data Runner lets you know that he has slipped into xx REDACTED 1 xx and has the information that you need but you must come in person to collect it. He has an informant that you must meet before at xx REDACTED 2 xx who will give his location when you give him the payment for the meeting. In case he is discovered and killed he has split the information into two parts and an associate of his has the second part at xx REDACTED 3 xx and in the case that both he and his partner are found out and eliminated he has left a timed locked message at a secure data terminal planned to open in 30-minute intervals after first triggering.

Trust no one. He even has reason to believe that members of your own group have been bought off by the Nine-Tails to sabotage this mission and secretly collect the information and deliver it back to them. As have members of Stanton Security who will seek to stop you. Assume that even if Security appears then they may not be on your side. But all is not dark. He has an informant inside the Nine-Tails operation who could be of use to you.

General Rules: 

Make sure you forgive all crimes caused during the operation.

- Any ship firing at you (pirate, Stanton security, griefer) is considered fair game and can be shot down (also awards extra points).

- The Com-Array in the area will be disabled before starting. 

- Each side is allowed to have multiple exploration and medical personnel. They are not allowed to carry side arms, personal weapons, or nerf guns.

- Cutlass Reds can not be fired upon (nor can they fire or take part in actions other than medivac).

Rules of Engagement: 


● Any personal weapons and ship weapon 

● Missiles/Torpedoesup to size 5 

● EMP 

● Boarding 

● Any ship (with small or medium shields)


● Ramming and spawn-camping


100,000 aUEC to participants + 100,000 aUEC to MVP both sides

LTI C2 Hercules for the grand total point winner

Victory Conditions

***At the end of each phase each player is to tell the team lead their point totals with explanations (including MVP votes)***

Kills Ship to Ship

1 point light fighter

2 points medium fighter

3 points heavy+

Kills PVP Hand Held Weapons (NERF does not qualify)

1 each kill


1 point (first to discover) data runner informant, data runner, data runner partner

2 points Discover and Speak with the data runner’s Informant

2 points Discover and Speak with the data runner

2 points Discover and Speak with the data runner’s partner

3 points Get away with the data packet

3 points Discover any spies


1 point per respawn player (aka Bump) (Phase 1)

3 points Respawn player who is successfully returned to Grim Hex (Phase 5)

Strategy Goals (Team Award - all members)

2 points first to side collect information from data runner informant

2 points first to side collect information from data runner

2 points first to side collect information from data runner’s partner

5 points Stanton Security if Pirates can not take Comm Relay in Phase 5

5 points Pirates if they can take the Comm Relay

MVP (Team Vote per Phase)

1 point to a player per side per phase

5 points to a player total MVP winner per side

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