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Paradise Cove

Paradise Cove



  1. Head to ArcCorp

  2. jump to wala

  3. Fly to ArcCorp Mining Area 056

  4. level out and turn to heading 226.

  5. Fly 194 km in the given heading ( this is a long flight make sure to keep your eye on your compass)

Small-Medium-Large-Very Large ships



OM 1: 341 km


OM 2: 620 km


OM 3: 656 km


OM 4: 266 km


OM 5: 429 km


OM 6: 562 km



Location Description:

Paradise Cove is an unmarked Outpost on ArcCorp's moon Lyria. From its interior and associated Waste Removal missions, it is likely a drug lab.

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