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  1. Head to Crusader moon Yella

  2. Navagate to Security Post Opal

  3. Adjust heading to 007

  4. Fly 255.5 km in the givven heading

  5. Fly for 18 min at 250 m/s and you will come across the JT

Adjust your heading continuously you will not be traveling in a straight line Alt Way

  • Start at OM-5 (Yela)

  • Position your nose between ArcCorp Mining Area 157 and Talarine Divide Air Shelter, and angle up (01_edit)

  • Fly towards the planet, and locate the three line mountain range (02_edit)

  • Fly towards the top left corner (03_edit)

  • Look for the “face” (04_edit)

  • Jumptown is located in the “eye” area. You should be able to see it from 2km up (05_edit)

Small - Medium - Large - Extra Large



OM 1 487.3 km

OM 2 611.3 km

OM 3 417.8 km

OM 4 660.7 km

OM 5 247.8 km

OM 6 741.4 km


Location Description:

Jumptown is an outpost on Yela's northern hemisphere, built inside of a crater nestled against a mountain.

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