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Hurston River GBR

Hurston River GBR



  1. Fly to Hurston

  2. Jump to HDMS Stanhope

  3. Level out and set heading to 090 (east)

  4. Fly 352km (this i a longer flight keep your eyes on your heading)

Small-Medium-Large-Very Large ships



  1. OM-1 1,063km

  2. OM-2 2,237km

  3. OM-3 1,862km

  4. OM-4 1,633km

  5. OM-5 2,271km

  6. OM-6 988km

Location Description:

if you are at River SPM then you are on the right tract you will find this one not long after you pass spm. again this is a short river so it easy to miss, keep your eyes on your heading and you will see it

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