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Microtech-Euterpe -Caterpillar-Wreck1

Microtech-Euterpe -Caterpillar-Wreck1



1. Go to Euterpe .

2. Go to Devlin Scrap & Salvage

3. Turn to heading 250.

4. Fly 272 km in the given heading.

Small-Medium-Large-Very Large ships



OM 5: 135 km

OM 3: 350 km

OM 2: 321 km

Location Description:

you will find what is left of the caterpillar in a ice flats, this location is cold with strong weather patterns, make sure you bring warm under suit when visiting this location. As this is one of the older wreck sites in Stanton looters have scavenged this wreck and few items are to be found, however there still maybe some thing of value left out in the cold.

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