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IDF Official Notice

March 10th 2019

To all members and affiliates,

We have been looking into ways to expand our organization with like minded individuals as well as fill in the gaps that we are currently lacking in. Recently, we have initiated a call to arms, added with our regular Sunday Fun-days, to boost the member activity within the org. This included reaching out to other orgs to run operations with or against them. While this has been successful, we feel we owe more to our org members. We want what is best for everyone and to make all of our game time more enjoyable... and it is with this in mind that the IDF Council would like to announce some amazing news!

Over the past few weeks we have been working hard towards this goal which has presented us with a unique opportunity.

As many of you are aware, we have aligned ourselves with Odyssey Interstellar (ODINT / OI). We have had nothing but positive feedback from our members while participating in their events. Likewise, ODINT has received the same feedback about our members joining in their events. Very promising relationships have been tested these past few weeks.

ODINT is mostly focused on commerce, discovery and logistics for game play in Star Citizen. If you have joined in the events, you are aware at how very successful they are in building a robust and profitable platform. As fate would have it, ODINT currently doesn’t have any focus on the military or security aspects of the game (this is where we come in). ODINT currently stands with 150 members compared to IDF’s 211 but ODINT brings with them an incredible fleet to add to our overall firepower - it is truly a symbiotic relationship.

3 weeks ago, leadership from both OI and IDF started talks about the possibilities of this new-found relationship and what it could potentially turn into. The more we talked about our shared values, ideas, and goals for our members, the more it felt as we were 2 sides of the same coin.

After much consideration and discussion between IDF and OI leadership, we began formal talks for a merger with ODINT.  After a few hours, we were able to reach an agreement that greatly benefits both organizations and our members. Both sides want to build a great and long-lasting organization with the same values we all share. It was hard to find anything we didn’t share. It is as if we were longtime friends or even family.

So, it is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce that IDF will dissolve into the security division of ODINT and merge to become a single org.

With the combined resources we will be able to offer all areas of gameplay to our members, and have a strong, robust, and thorough infrastructure to offer all members. Events will be more regular, better organized, and there will be more room for each of you to grow within the organization of ODINT.

Now, as far as how this will work, currently Star Citizen doesn’t have any merge mechanics built in yet. Which means we had to decide how IDF and ODINT wanted to handle it to move forward. The easiest way we decided was to have IDF join into ODINT. Not to worry, as IDF leadership will still be leading the security and military side of the ORG as well as having equal representation in overall org leadership. This is a mutually beneficial and fair merger.

Over the next 6 weeks, IDF and ODINT leadership will facilitate this merger in several stages:

•         Stage 1 (3/11-3/24)

Getting the information out to you guys. We want to answer any questions or concerns you may have as well as initiate a 'soft' migration(details below)  where you can manually join over to ODINT. During this time, we will be doing a live Q&A in discord on Sunday March 17th for anyone that has questions or concerns. You can send a discord message directly to any member of the transition team (Deletum, NastyNitro, and Freedom Prodigy) for any questions or concerns.

 Note: during this phase IDF leadership will be stripping ranking from our RSI Spectrum so you will be able to join ODINT. Disregard any messages from Spectrum about rank during this time.

•         Stage 2 (3/25-3/31)

We will begin sending out manual invites. By this point, we want to start transitioning over to their comms channel in Discord. (After talking with them over discord for the past 3 weeks, we can confidently say they are our kind of assholes. We are confident we will all get along great)

•         Stage 3 (4/1-4/7)

We will begin phasing out our discord channel and moving our org resources over to ODINT. Transition team will phase over to ODINT and assume their positions. IDF resources will be shut down/redirected to ODINT.

We foresee great things out of this merger and are very excited for all of us on what the future holds with the new possibilities this game gives us. To a better and more prosperous future for all of us. Below are instructions on what you can do to help make this transition as smooth as possible. This should only take about 5 minutes out of your day to do.


TO JOIN: To join manually during the soft transition, you will need to go onto and apply. MAKE SURE to put in the application you are an IDF member to get proper approval and org ranking.

DISCORD:  To join their discord you can go to the ODINT website and on the homepage, under "get connected" click the discord logo. You can also make your profile for the org site while you are there, it is quick and easy.

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