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I am a 32 year old male from North Carolina (USA). I run my own website that focuses on audio hardware, vintage hardware and plenty of other topics, including a store for vintage capacitors that I have tested myself. You can find that here ( I was formerly at NC State University's Electrical Engineering program, but had to withdraw due to medical issues related to chronic neck pain, since 2007. After a long battle, I was able to re-enroll as a student at UNC-Charlotte, but this time, for Computer Engineering (Spring 2019). I still have pain, but I manage it without narcotic pain meds.

I have a background in IT, as a Hardware Lead for the North Carolina Government and Fiber Optic Network Specialist for Lowe's HQ. My programming experience varies due to my engineering background, I've learned assembly language, C, C++, Matlab, Python, Ruby, CSS, HTML and others. My passion is in hardware though, as I seem to have a natural talent for building/repairing electronics, even vintage.

I am a part of our Security forces with my secondary role in exploration. I joined OI when IDF merged with OI.

Ground Vehicles: Ranger TR, Nova and Ballista Snowblind

My Fleet: Avenger Warlock, Razor-EX, Sabre, Terrapin, Vanguard Harbinger, Ares Inferno, C2 Hercules, and the Carrack!


(Me in a M-65 US Army Field Jacket (Vietnam era), taken in Nov of 2019)


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