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OI! Welcome!

Dear New/Perspective Member,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Odyssey Interstellar, otherwise known as OI or ODINT. My name is Anony-Mouse, and I’d like to share some information with you so that you can have a great experience from day one, and hit the ground running. This information is crucial in ensuring we are the type of organization you’ve been looking for. Should you read this document and decide this is not for you, no harm done, we would rather identify that early on.


First and foremost, we are all here to have fun. Let’s never lose track of that. This document outlines what our organization has set out to accomplish. Please abide by these rules so that we can continue towards our shared objectives, and therefore provide our members with an amazing place to come have fun every day.

About Odyssey Interstellar


Odyssey Interstellar was formed in 2018. Our motto is “Success in Wealth”. We as an organization believe in the wealth, success, and happiness of our members.


These values are the moral foundations of our organization. We expect you and all other members to abide by them in all in- and out-of-game instances. Remember, even when not in game, you’re a representative of this organization, and people will see you as such, and interpret your actions and the organization’s as one.


An organization’s reputation is paramount. It can take years to build one, and only seconds to destroy it. Always consider that before acting. Keep in mind that these values dictate how we all behave when interacting with anyone, be it an organization member or not.


ODINT defines loyalty as “a strong feeling of support or allegiance”. Our organization will provide you with countless resources, such as training in virtually every area of Star Citizen, game knowledge, ship lending, job opportunities and, most importantly, friendship. We hope to inspire a sense of pride and unity as we all embark on this journey together.



We all carry responsibilities within the organization. We also understand that life happens. Honor your duty, but if unable, just let someone in charge know and we’ll adapt and cover until you can resume your duties. 


This applies both within our organization, as well as interacting with the grander Star Citizen Universe and its multitude of characters. Within our group, understand that we’re all different, and that being different is never an obstacle in respecting each other. Agree to disagree, if you must, and move on. Be polite, be understanding. Put yourself in that other member’s shoes. Outside of our organization, your actions will impact our reputation. Always treat others with respect, no matter how they happen to be treating you. Always give respect to anyone in life or in game. Respect is not given, it’s earned.

Selfless Service

One for all, and all for one. We are only as strong as our ties to each other. Always help other members. Always place the organization above your personal interests. We have your back, and you should have ours.


Simply having respect for others. Respect is not given, it’s earned. That can only be achieved if you’re consistent in how you behave, and if that behavior is seen as proper. We expect you to always be honest, and to always have regard for another player.


ODINT defines integrity as what you do when no one is looking. Do what you say, and say what you do. Walk the walk, let others talk the talk.

Personal Courage

A feeling inside that tells you what to do, and the right way to do it, even at one’s personal peril. It can also be defined as strength in the face of pain, as well as staying strong under pressure. There will be highs, and there will be lows. It is in those extraordinary circumstances that personal courage separates the mediocre players from the great ones. Lean into what makes you uncomfortable. Have the courage to dive into the unknown.

We live by these every day. We are a team, an organization, some would say a family, and therefore all of us must follow these principles if we’re to be a cohesive and effective unit. We win or lose as a team. If we are successful as a team, all of our members will be successful in return.

Organizational Structure

Our organization uses a hierarchical system to organize its members. There are five tiers to this system, even though this structure is always subject to change, as we grow and add or change roles to cope with our size. For now, they are:

  • Executives - our high-level officers, in charge of making the broad decisions that guide the future and ensure the success of Odyssey Interstellar. Each Division, such as Intelligence, Trade, Diplomacy, Community, etc. has their own Executive.

  • Directors - in charge of areas of responsibility, such as Farming Director, Streaming Director, Content Creation Director, etc.

  • Chiefs - a link between the members and the Directors and Executives. Chiefs allow Executives and Directors to feel the pulse of the community.

  • Senior Members - members who have dedicated a considerable amount of time contributing to the org

  • Junior Members - new members who have joined the org recently

Our Objectives As An Organization

Through our main activities, we want to amass as much wealth as possible, and share that wealth with our members. You are welcome to participate in any and all areas Odyssey Interstellar is active in.


Main Activities
  • Commerce

    • Trading

    • Acquisitions

    • Transport

    • Passenger Transit

  • Exploration

    • Mineral Discovery

    • Jump Point Discovery

    • System Discovery

  • Security

    • Operations

    • Escort

    • Bounty Hunting

  • Industrial

    • Farming

    • Salvage

    • Engineering

    • Mining

    • Base Building

  • Support

    • Rearming

    • Refueling

    • Repairing

    • Medical

  • Intelligence

    • Data Transport

    • News

  • Diplomacy

    • Org to Org Diplomacy

    • NPC Diplomacy

    • Espionage

  • Community

    • Recruitment

    • Events

    • Content Creation

    • Streaming

Your First Steps In The ‘Verse As An ODINT Member

Now that you’ve joined, we’d like to help you get started as an Odyssey Interstellar member. You will begin your time with us as a Intern or Junior Member, and will eventually graduate to a Senior Member. With that in mind, once you have chosen an area or more of interest, we will assign you a mentor. Keep in mind that you’re invited to participate in any areas that interest you, and what you choose early on is not all that you can do. Should you have an interest in any areas after your mentoring period, just let the relevant Chief know and they’ll gladly on-board you.


The mentor you’re assigned will be an existing organization member who is knowledgeable in your area of interest. He or she will not only be able to share information on the specific game mechanics with you, but will also be able to teach you how Odyssey Interstellar goes about running that part of our organization.


If applicable, documents will be shared with you (e.g. first-person-shooting standard operating procedures, trading sheets, etc.) to enhance and expedite your on-boarding.


Once the mentor is satisfied that you have been properly checked out, he or she will report your progress and you’ll be promoted to a Standard Member.


We use Discord as our main communication tool, both text and voice. As Spectrum, the RSI-based forum system, as well as the in-game Voice Over IP feature evolves, we expect to shift some communication that way.


Typically Discord text is used for out-of-game communications, informal chatting, screenshot sharing, questions and answers, while Discord voice is used when in-game or just as a fun hang out spot. Our main voice channel when in game is General Fleet Comms, so if you see anyone there, chances are they’re in game, go join them!

Your Next Steps

Our members play every single day, and although there are peak times (nighttime US time zone, for example), you should find someone playing at any time of the day or night more often than not. So come join us in the ‘Verse anytime you get a chance.


Your Commitment

As much as we want all members to play with us, we understand that everyone has a real life, and should prioritize that. We have no set expectations of presence or frequency. Join us when you can, and be away when you can’t. We’ll always be here when you’re ready and willing.


Council Meetings

The first Sunday of the month at 1900 UTC we hold a Council meeting. This is where important discussions happen, and where most high-level decisions get discussed and voted on. We encourage all org members to attend to listen in, as we seek to be transparent on how the future direction of the org is shaped.


This is the final section of this document, but the most important one. We are who we are because we listen to your feedback, which allows for continued improvement. We have a dedicated channel on our Discord server named #org-feedback. Please let us know your thoughts on how we can get better.


Whew, that was a long read! I tried to keep it as succinct as possible, but by now you realize that all of the above information is pretty important to keep our organization running like a clock, and everyone engaged and making progress. I hope you have as much fun as we do playing Star Citizen together, and am always available should you have any questions. Thank you so much for joining our organization. Now let’s go have fun!

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