Odyssey Interstellar Support Plans


All funds supporting Odyssey Interstellar are used to pay for real life assets needed to make OI the most outstanding gaming community that we can be. 

These needs include:

  • This Website

  • Web Apps

  • Content Creation Assets

  • Event Resources

  • Streaming Team Overlays

  • Servers (App Hosting and Games)

  • Private OI Communication Servers

  • OI Music Bot

  • Cross Platform Bots for Community Management and Integration

  • Ship Giveaways and Prizes


Along with helping to support Odyssey Interstellar, you will also receive a corresponding gift of Ship Tokens and Reputation at your level of support.


Ship Tokens: 

Each token represents one chance to win that month’s ship giveaway.


Upcoming Giveaway Schedule

Past Giveaways


Get in on the ground-floor of the Reputation and Revenue system coming soon to Odyssey Interstellar. Reputation can be used in the future of Star Citizen by Odyssey Interstellar to attain favors and/or assets from the organization within the Persistent Universe.