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Sat, Apr 23


Port Tressler | MicroTech

Ambush at Calhoun Pass!

Ambush at Calhoun Pass with Empyrean Shores

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 Ambush at Calhoun Pass!
 Ambush at Calhoun Pass!

Time & Rally Point

Apr 23, 2022, 7:00 PM UTC

Port Tressler | MicroTech

About the event


Empyrean Shores – This is a resupply/rescue mission!!

Your objective is to get your team (Fire Team Pegasus) to the surviving members of your fallen Allies (Fire Team Phoenix), resupply them with meds and ammo, and fend off the attacking Odyssey Interstellar enemies. Phoenix must have at least one member survive while waiting for Pegasus to provide backup. You are free to do anything you need to in order to survive, i.e., fight or hunker down in your ship. The ship turret is available for use but the ship cannot leave the ground. The only way to win is for Pegasus to resupply Phoenix and kill all Odyssey Interstellar members. If all members of Fire Team Phoenix die before arrival, you fail. If you fail to resupply Phoenix within the time limit, you fail. If you resupply Phoenix, yet everyone dies, you fail.

Odyssey Interstellar  – This is an ambush!!

Your objective is to stop the resupply from reaching the pinned down Empyrean Shores forces. This can be done by stealing the backpack full of supplies, returning to your main ship, and exciting the atmosphere, or eliminating the pinned-down Empyrean Shores forces before resupply reaches them. If Empyrean Shores is able to resupply their team, you can still win by killing all members involved. Load up your Carrack with anything you see fit to accomplish this mission, i.e., armor, guns, ammo, meds, ground vehicles. Divide into Fire Teams (see below for details), there will be a team(s) surrounding the fallen Empyrean Shores forces, as well as a team(s) in the mountain paths to stop the resupply forces from reaching their allies.


There will only be 3 ships on the ground. One Carrack to respawn Odyssey Interstellar forces, one Carrack to respawn Empyrean Shores forces, and one Cutlass Red for the ambushed Empyrean Shores team. All ships have a “DO NOT DESTROY” policy. All fighting will be on the ground. 

To help avoid ship destruction, the following weapons will not be allowed: 

Railguns, Missile Launchers, and Grenade Launchers.

Fire Team Pegasus will be allowed 1 PTV and 1 Cyclone TR, or 2 Cyclone TRs.

Fire Team Pegasus has unlimited respawns.

Fire Team Phoenix has no respawns.

All of Odyssey Interstellar forces have unlimited respawns.

Odyssey Interstellar will be allowed any ground vehicles that can fit in a Carrack.

Once Fire Team Pegasus reaches Fire Team Phoenix, all respawn for all teams are removed and everyone has one life to live. Last team standing wins.

Fire Team Pegasus has 2 hours to reach Fire Team Phoenix. Once Pegasus reaches Phoenix, the time limit is removed and the last team standing wins.

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