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Sun, Jun 09


Covalex Shipping Hub Gondo, orbiting Daymar

Voyage Series - Clear Covalex of Hostiles

We will be going to the abandoned Covalex outpost and take turns defending/retaking the outpost.

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Voyage Series - Clear Covalex of Hostiles
Voyage Series - Clear Covalex of Hostiles

Time & Rally Point

Jun 09, 2019, 9:00 PM EDT – Jun 10, 2019, 11:00 PM EDT

Covalex Shipping Hub Gondo, orbiting Daymar

Operation Details

We will be splitting into three teams. One will be the entrenched combattants throughout the space station, and another group who must clear the station of hostiles and/or save the VIP. The third team will provide security to prevent NPC's and players from interfearing in the event. each wave we will change who is on defense, offense and security. Everyone will have the chance to play each of the three roles.

Delivery to the space station will be by drop ship. All party members will arrive at once. How you deploy and defend/attack will be upto each group.

Combat Rules:

  • You will get one death per encounter. Once you die you must wait at Olissar.
  • There will be one VIP to rescue (Hostage). The entreched team can hide them anywere within the station.
  • No one is allowed to kill the VIP
  • You can use all fire arms but NOT grenades.
  • No firing of ship weapons at/into the station.

Win Condition:

  • Kill all enemy combatants (those inside the station) OR rescue the VIP off the station (Win for offense)
  • Kill all boarding party members and prevent the escape of the VIP (Win for defence)

How To Prepare:

  • Set your spawn point at Port Olissar
  • Ensure you have enough personal weapons, armor, med/oxy pens for a firefight.
  • Be logged in and at the main menu 15 min before the event so we can ensure everyone gets grouped and we can party launch into the same server.

Special Note:

We will have boredgamer joining us. Because of this there will be multiple people streaming the event so lets watch our language in coms and not do anything to get anyone banned.

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