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Sun, Apr 10


Baijini Point / ArcCorp


Odyssey Interstellar presents the "Kitty Race 2"! Star Kitten themed Greycat Buggy PTV race at a random location.

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Time & Rally Point

Apr 10, 2022, 6:00 PM UTC

Baijini Point / ArcCorp

Operation Details

Odyssey Interstellar presents the "Kitty Race 2"!

Event time - Sunday, 10th April at 18:00 / 6:00 pm UTC.


If you love Star Kitten, challenge, and want to see something new each time then this is definitely a race that you will enjoy.

The Greycat Buggy PTV is the fiercest racing machine in the verse. It is tiny, it is twitchy, it can break on a dime but most of all it is fun to drive. So on 10th April, we will be going on a kitty cat expedition trip in the Stanton system with the PTVs. The exact race location is unknown until the last second, due to all of the UEE Navy spies sniffing around and their ships hunting down all underground racers in the system.

Everyone has 25 minutes to gather at the start line when the location is announced. If anyone is late to the start line then they will start late. 

The clock is ticking and the Greycats are purring in the sand.

Bring as many Greycat PTVs as you can and if possible then provide your own medical bed for respawning so you can continue to race.

Each team has exactly 1 hour from the start announcement to get as far as possible or reach the Finish line (C2 hangar bay) at 50 kilometers.

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18:00 / 6pm UTC - Start getting ready on the Discord Server.

18:15 / 6:15pm UTC - Short pre event briefing

18:25 / 6:25pm UTC - Attendance check for the server launch

18:30 / 6:30pm UTC - Server launch

18:30-19:00 / 6:30-7pm UTC - Pre event set up

19:00 / 7pm UTC - The show begins

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