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Sun, Jul 24


Port Tressler, Microtech System

Operation: Stolen River Event

Do you have what it takes to protect your precious cargo while you attempt to steal your enemy's? Sign up for a capture the flag event at Microtech River system if you think you can handle the battle. Registration will end 7/23/2022 5:00 pm UTC

Registration is closed
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Operation: Stolen River Event
Operation: Stolen River Event

Time & Rally Point

Jul 24, 2022, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM UTC

Port Tressler, Microtech System

About the event

2 teams will battle each other to aquire the other team's precious cargo, a 1 scu box, while protecting their own.  The cargo will be located in the garage of each team's Carrack.  Once you have obtained the other team's cargo, you will transport it back to your team's Carrack in the garage.  Once one team has both pieces of cargo aboard their Carrack, they must defend it for 5 minutes for take off procedures to occur. Once taken off that team wins!

Pilots, Captains and teams will be assigned on 7/23/2022.


  1. Set your respawn point on your team's Carrack.
  2. If you die and respawn, you must exit your Carrack via the air lock located on the side of the Carrack.
  3. Only ground vehicles that fit securely inside the garage of the Carrack are allowed. (No tanks, spartans or ballistas are allowed)
  4. Ground vehicles must be secured and stored on the Carrack before event begins. There will be no time allotted to retrieve vehicles to place them on the Carrack once the event starts. Team Captains and Carrack pilots will coordinate BEFORE the event.
  5. There will be no supply drops, so make sure you have everything you will need to succeed in your mission.
  6. No air combat or air support of any kind is allowed. This is a ground battle.
  7. Team Comms will be in discord. Each team will be assigned thier own channel for secured comms.
  8. The only transportation to the battleground is via your team's Carrack. If you are not on your team's Carrack when it departs, you will not be allowed to particpate in the event. BE ON TIME!
  9. Be on time and in menus 10 minutes before the event starts.
  10. If you do not see a rule here, then it does not exist. If you ask about rules that do not exist, I will apply them to you and you alone. 

Event Roles:

  1. Event Participant - A fighter who participates as apart of one of the teams. Team roles will be discussed and decided by Team Captain.
  2. Team Captain - The tactical and sanctioned leader of each team. Will be responsible for coordinating vehicle composition with Carrack Pilot and coordinate tactics with team members.
  3. Carrack Pilot - The owner and pilot of each teams Carrack. Will be responsible for loading and storing vehicles on Carrack, in conjunction with the Team Captain, BEFORE the event. Carrack pilot will also act as a referee for event triggers. Work with Event Security to ensure skies are clear of incoming hostile. 
  4. Event Security - Fighters to secure the skies above to ensure event is not disrupted by third parties. 

REWARD for Winning Team:

10,000,000 aUEC awarded to the winning team (divided between team members).  Payouts will be given after the wipe occurs.


  • 10 minutes

    Pre-event briefing

    Main Menus

  • 10 minutes

    Party Launch

    Main Menus
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