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Sat, Jan 19


Covalex Shipping Hub

Takes Two to Tango (ARION vs. ODINT)

A multi-phase, multi-round event consisting of capital and fighter space combat, culminating into a ground engagement. Join us for a fun and friendly fight with our friends over at ARION.

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Takes Two to Tango (ARION vs. ODINT)
Takes Two to Tango (ARION vs. ODINT)

Time & Rally Point

Jan 19, 2019, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Covalex Shipping Hub

About the event

Space and Zero-G Combat Event [ODINT vs ARION]

Date/Time: 1/19/2019 at 7pm EST

Place: Covalex Shipping Hub

Stage 1:

Rounds: 1-3 Rounds depending on how much time it takes of "Fleet Vs Fleet"


A) 1 HH per Fleet

B) Light Fighters (Limited for the number of the org with less participants.... Spanish speakers may join ARION if OK with the language.

C) Number of Participants can't be more than sides, but can switch out during rounds if enough players. (Need to be strict here.)

C-1) 10 - 15 participants per side per round

Stage 2: FPS Zero-G inside Covalex

A) Attackers must start from dropships.

B) Defenders will only be on the ground/inside.

C) No ships allowed at or on Covalex other than dropships.

Have the following before the event start

  1. Set Port Olisar as spawn point
  2. Multiple weapon sets (You will be dying)
  3. Med and Oxy Pens
  4. Ability to communicate in voice comms in SC and Discord

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