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Sat, Mar 23


Arial (Moon of Hurston)

The IDF/ODINT Merger Celebration

This is an event to celebrate the merger of IDF and ODINT! The idea is to have a lot of fun, while integrating members of both orgs working together for a common team purpose!

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The IDF/ODINT Merger Celebration
The IDF/ODINT Merger Celebration

Time & Rally Point

Mar 23, 2019, 9:30 PM

Arial (Moon of Hurston)

About the event

This is a Secure-And-Move-The-VIP type event. Two teams will play against each other, trying to secure the VIP first. Each team will start at an outpost at Arial, one team at HDMS-Bezdek, the other at HDMS-Lathan. The VIP will be inside an empty Reclaimer, which will be landed somewhere between these two outposts (approximately 22.5 kms from each outpost). A start signal will be given, and both teams will then set out to:

  1. Locate the Reclaimer
  2. Secure the VIP
  3. Transport the VIP back to that team's starting outpost



Find the reclaimer, secure vip, and then transport VIP back to home base on Arial. The first team to have the VIP enter their respective outpost wins.


This event is weapons free from the word "go" until it's over.

Starting time:

The event starts at 09:30 pm EDT

Starting locations:

HDMS-Bezdek and HDMS-Lathan on Arial. At the event start time, we'll all meet online on Discord. Teams will then be picked randomly, and each team will have 30 minutes to assemble their forces at the respective HDMS outpost.

Ships Allowed:

Valkyrie or Starfarer (to transport the ground vehicles from the starting outpost to the Reclaimer, see Requirements below)

2 fighters only per team

5 ground vehicles per team


Due to the event being held at Arial, and Lorville (the closest spawning point) having a very high atmosphere, which would delay anyone trying to rejoin the fight, no respawning will be allowed. That being said, please see the Note below.


  • VIP can only be transported by ground vehicle
  • VIP must survive.


  • If time allows, we'll do a best of three.
  • Since not everyone is a subscriber, and therefore don't have access to the Private Test Universe (PTU), even if the 3.5 PTU is released before this event, the event will take place in the regular 3.4.3 PU.

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7/27/24, 5:00 PM

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