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Benny Henge

Benny Henge



QT to Nakamura Valley Aid Shelter but hold once out of QT. Look back at the Yela halo/ring and aim at the large asteroid cluster between OM-6 and Grim Hex (Image 1). Fly past this asteroid cluster to a 641km distance from Yela. Turn and face Grim Hex, you will be roughly 340km from Grim Hex. Fly until you are 255km from Grim Hex. Here, position yourself via triangulation coordinates. Look at Yela with Grim Hex on your left. Look straight down and look for the asteroid that looks like Image 2. Note where Benny Henge is circled in Image 2.

Small-Medium-Large-Very Large ships



Grim Hex = 255km

Yela = 641km

OM-3 = 703km

Daymar = 91,822km

Location Description:

Benny Henge is a easter egg and the final destination of the "Vending Machine Theft" series untracked missions. If you would like to do the mission instead CLICK HERE Thanks to ZeekTheKilla for the update!

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