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Derelict Settlement Ludlow

Derelict Settlement Ludlow



  1. Travel to UGF HDSF Hiram on Hurston. Try to get as close to the quantum beacon as possible.

  2. Level your ship with the ground and point at 93.5°.

  3. Pick a landmark on the horizon right in front of you. Move to that landmark in a straight line. Do not pay attention to the compass anymore. Keep your heading constant. Your bearing will change!

  4. Keep going for about 11 minutes at 250 m/s until UGF HDSF Hiram is 164.2 km away.




OM 1: 1657 km


OM 2: 1840 km


OM 3: 2100 km


OM 4: 1312 km


OM 5: 2364 km


OM 6: 736 km



Location Description:

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