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Microtech - Planet  Cave N48

Microtech - Planet Cave N48



  1. Fly to Microtech

  2. Travel to New Babbage (as close to the beacon as possible)

  3. Turn to heading 82.5 ( You need to adjust your heading continuously to keep your bearing constant. You will not be traveling in a straight line!)

  4. Fly 37.5 km and you will see it (This is a large cave on the side of a mountain, you can walk right in)

Alt way,

  1. Fly to Microtech

  2. Start within 100 meters of OM1.

  3. Turn towards OM5. Fly for 819.5 KM until your distance to OM5 is 1198.6 KM.

  4. Turn towards OM3, and fly for 464.1 KM towards OM3 until your distance to OM3 is 1338.4 KM.

  5. You will hit the surface, and keep your direction towards OM3 while following the surface.

Small-Medium-Large ships



OM1: 960.0

OM2: 2288.1

OM3: 1338.8

OM4: 2089.2

OM5: 1285.5

OM6: 2122.4

Location Description:

A unique drive in cave location of the side of mountain. This is hard to find me double check your OM's and look carefully

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