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Sun, Sep 05


MIC-L1 | MicroTech


This is a timed operation in 3 separate phases.

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Time & Rally Point

Sep 05, 2021, 7:00 PM UTC

MIC-L1 | MicroTech

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The Nine Tails have been trying unsuccessfully to exert control over the Stanton System with various Station and Outpost Lock-downs.  

You and your allies have received word from a trusted Data Runner that one of their agents has worked out a new plan to change their tactics that. It could very well mean the end of Stanton if they succeed.  Though he currently does not have the plans he knows of a way to get them and stressed that it is imperative that this information must not get back to the Nine-Tails before Stanton Security can work out a countermeasure.  

The Data Runner lets you know that he has slipped into xxREDACTEDxx and has the information that you need but you must come in person to collect it.  In case he is discovered and killed he has split the information into two parts and an associate of his has the second part at xxREDACTEDxx and in the case that both he and his partner are found out and eliminated he has left a timed locked message at a location marker at Port Olisar in a locker planned to open in 10 & 20 minutes after first triggering. 

Trust no one.  He even has reason to believe that members of your own group have been bought off by the Nine-Tails to sabotage this mission and secretly collect the information and deliver it back to them.  As have members of Stanton Security who will seek to stop you.  Assume that even if Security appears then they may not be on your side.  But all is not dark.  He has an informant inside the Nine-Tails operation who could be of use to you.  

General Rules: 

  • Respawns are only allowed at phase starts. 
  • Cutty Reds are off-limits to fire but otherwise can participate 100% in all aspects of the mission. 
  • Removal of global party marker and set up of individual parties will be possible if explorers get first clues.
  • It is your choice to accept or deny crime stats for killing.  Any Security Forces that show up are assumed to be 'Bought' and are fair game.  

Rules of Engagement: 

  • (Phase 1) Stanton Team gets five minutes head start to lock the spawn point down.  You will receive the first Data Runner Packet electronically & audibly.  The pirate team must exit the no-fire weapons zone BEFORE SETTING NAVIGATION &/or QUANTUM SPOOLS (honor and trust codex guys as this cannot be monitored).  This phase lasts 10 minutes after the first explorers have met up with the Data Runner (or 15 minutes after the mission starts whichever comes first).  There is ONE SPECIAL RULE that will be delivered during play as to not give away the location.  Anyone who has gotten the first clue and has removed global party markers may make a run for the second location.  But be aware the other side will try to stop you.  THERE ARE AT LEAST 2 POTENTIAL BLOCKADE POINTS IN THIS PHASE.

  • (Phase 2) THERE ARE NOW TWO OPTIONS FOR SPAWN POINTS that will be delivered during play as to not give away the location.  Anyone who got the first clue and has removed global party markers and successfully made a run can set up at the new location AS A POTENTIAL 3rd SPAWN POINT.  This phase lasts 10 minutes after the first explorers have met up with the Data Runner’s Partner (or 15 minutes after phase 2 starts whichever comes first).  THERE ARE NUMEROUS BLOCKADE POINTS IN THIS PHASE.

  • (Phase 3) Dash for the Cash.


100,000 aUEC to participants + 100,000 aUEC to MVP both sides

LTI C2 Hercules for the grand total point winner


Everyone is to Join Alpha Comms at mission start.

 The Party is to launch together so that everyone has markers for everyone (trackers have been secretly planted on all ships).   

 Individual DMs will be sent to the participants to let them know if they are with the pirates or security forces.

 Before firing any shots (you and your team decides when) pirates MUST move to Beta Comms and Stanton Security to Charlie comms.

 An additional private DM will be sent to ANY/IF AT ALL (muuyyyahhh haaahaaa) players that they have been 'Bought Off' or if they are secretly ‘Infiltrated’ for the good of Stanton.

 At any time ... your choice ... Those who have been bought off can switch to Beta Comms and Charlie Comms … or they can choose to remain incognito.  How you fulfill your role is up to you.  Potential spies and saboteurs can be rooted out for more points.  

 Again, how is up to you.  There are multiple opportunities and locations for exploration and PVP with both the setting up / breaking through blockades (as well as a little Hand to Hand Combat if it progresses that far).  Set your own strategies.  

Everyone is to spawn at Port MIC-L1 in their favorite combat, exploration, or support ship and immediately take off.

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7/27/24, 5:00 PM

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