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Microtech - Planet  Cave N20

Microtech - Planet Cave N20



-Head to MicroTech - Jump to Calhoun PAss Emergency Shelter - Set heading to 45 - Fly 450km in the given heading ( this is a long flight From Calhoun, Alt Rought might be prefered) Alt Route:

  1. Fly to Microtech

  2. Start within 100 meters of OM5.

  3. Turn towards OM1. Fly for 536.0 KM until your distance to OM1 is 1482.1 KM.

  4. Turn towards OM4, and fly for 32.7 KM toward OM4 until your distance to OM4 is 1777.9 KM.

  5. Now fly straight down towards the core for 74.8 KM.




OM1: 1444.6

OM2: 2016.4

OM3: 1773.4

OM4: 1734.4

OM5: 606.1

OM6: 2405.3

Location Description:

Caution is advised going to this cave as once you are inside it is almost imposible to get out, Bring a friend as he might need to tractor your incap body out of the cave.

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